Authentic Leadership: Leading the Way through the Wake-up Calls of Crisis and Change

Authentic Leadership: Leading the Way through the Wake-up Calls of Crisis and Change
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Presented by Robert Dilts.
2 DVDs, Approx. 7 hours.

This DVD contains a complete 2-day seminar presented by Robert Dilts in front of a live audience. He describes the skills and practices that will help us to confront the challenges of crisis and change while remaining centered and in our "inner zone of excellence" and connected with something beyond our egos.

We live in a dynamic and challenging world. Problems such as global economic instability, escalating violence and the accelerating deterioration of our environment have become an ongoing part of our reality. Each of us is being brought to face this situation in our own way and through the challenges of our own circumstances.

Preparing for change requires durable practices to prepare you for moving through times of change with resourcefulness. In this program, Robert guides you through tools and techniques which will enable you to:
  • Accept and benefit from crisis and change rather than being subjected to them
  • Develop a state of focused spaciousness in the mind and relaxed readiness in the body
  • Adapt and act with discernment in times of transition
  • Acquire skills for responding differently in new situations
  • Foster the wisdom to accept and flow with what is out of your control
  • Remain connected to your deep identity when the rest of your world becomes unstable
  • Maintain a sense of calm and trust when everything around you is incomprehensible
  • Learn to let go of what is no longer useful, to let go of past successes, and find a new coherence in the transformation which emerges from crisis and transition
  • Integrating the intelligence of the body (somatic mind), the cognitive mind and the field mind