What Are You Made Of? Discovering Your Inner Nature with the Four Elements

What Are You Made Of? Discovering Your Inner Nature with the Four Elements
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By Michael Dilts.
Comb-bound Pamphlet, 21 Pages.

The notion that the vast multitude of objects we perceive in our universe can be reduced to a finite and relative small number of basic substances or "elements" is actually a very old idea. The ancient Greeks were aware of it, as were their contemporaries in India, in China and even in the Americas. Of course the ancient understanding of elements was a simpler one - one which matched the less complex environment our ancestors inhabited. They acknowledged only 4 or 5 elements, and their understanding of these substances was more abstract than the materialistic system of our current scientists.

In traditional societies these "elements" were thought to correspond to the forces that created and continue to create the world - the winds, the seasons, the directions, the corners of the world. Human beings, like the other living things with whom they shared existence, were also believed to be formed of these elemental constituents. To understand a person's elemental affiliations gave one insight into the person's inner nature - into their soul.

Whether or not we choose to agree with this presupposition, we must nevertheless admit that the human species is the result of a long evolutionary process which involved the same natural forces which formed everything else in the universe. Those forces are found above and below, within and without. At the same time, the raw materials from which humanity is constructed are the same as those used to construct the mountains and oceans, the planets and stars.

This monograph, written by Robert's brother Michael, reviews various ancient theories of the elements and provides suggestions for addressing elemental imbalances within oneself and among individuals with divergent elemental inclinations. A questionnaire has been included which will help you to determine your own elemental affiliation.