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Dynamic Learning

Dynamic Learning
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By Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein.
Hardback, 426 Pages.

Dynamic Learning is about a revolutionary new approach to learning and teaching. In this book, Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein present leading edge methods and techniques that improve the ability to learn in a variety of areas.

Dynamic Learning offers stimulating step-by-step procedures that help you to make better use of the most valuable resource you have - your brain. This book applies the process of learning through experience. The techniques and exercises in this book involve learning by doing and by exploring different strategies to learn. These methods can be used by children or adults, anyone who wants to improve his or her abilities to learn, and have been especially effective for people who have experienced difficulty in learning.

Topics covered include: remembering people's names, strengthening your senses and mental capabilities to improve in every type of learning, improving memory, reading faster and with better comprehension, spelling more easily and accurately, learning foreign languages more quickly and writing more creatively and fluently.

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