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Changing Belief Systems with NLP

Changing Belief Systems with NLP
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By Robert Dilts.
Hardcover, 221 Pages.

Our beliefs are a very powerful force on our behavior. It is common wisdom that if someone really believes he can do something he will do it, and if he believes something is impossible no amount of effort will convince him that it can be accomplished. Beliefs like "It's too late now;" "There's nothing I can do anyway;" "I'm a victim... My number came up;" can often limit a person from taking full advantages of their natural resources and unconscious competence. Our beliefs about ourselves and what is possible in the world around us greatly impact our day-to-day effectiveness.

All of us have beliefs that serve as resources as well as beliefs that limit us. Many of our beliefs were instilled in us as children by parents, teachers, social upbringing, and the media before we were aware of their impact or able to have a choice about them. Is it possible to restructure, unlearn, or change old beliefs? If so, how do we do it? This book is a result of the author's own exploration of the underlying processes that influence beliefs, using the tools of NLP.

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