The Inner Game Audio CD

The Inner Game Audio CD
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With Robert Dilts and Deborah Bacon Dilts
Audio CD, Approximately 62 Minutes.

The “Outer Game” of any activity has to do with its behavioral and environmental aspects. In sports, this involves the physical aspects related playing the game and using the equipment (tennis racket, skis, ball, bat, mitt, etc.). In a business environment, this has to do with applying the tools and implementing the procedures necessary to accomplish mission critical tasks and compete effectively in the marketplace.

The “Inner Game” has to do with your mental and emotional approach to what you are doing. This includes your attitude, belief in yourself and your team, your ability to concentrate effectively, deal with mistakes and pressure, and so on. The concept of the “Inner Game” was developed by Timothy Gallwey (1974, 2000) as a way of helping people to achieve excellence in various sports (e.g., tennis, golf, skiing, etc.), music and also business and management training. Success in any area of performance involves using your mind together with your body. Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally to perform well is the essence of your “Inner Game.”

The purpose of this CD is to help you to develop your "Inner Game" so that you can coordinate it with your "Outer Game" and find a place where your actions flow with a type of effortless excellence that is called, “playing in the zone.” Some indicators that you are focused and in “the zone” are:
  • A feeling of confidence and the absence of anxiety and self-doubt

A sense of “humble authority” – self-confidence without arrogance

  • No fear of failure or self-consciousness about achieving your goals
A focus on performing beautifully and excellently
A state of relaxed readiness in the body and focused spaciousness in the mind
  • Performance comes without effort and without having to think about it
Physical practice is what builds the skills of your "Outer Game" and puts them into “muscle memory” so you don't have to think about it during the game. This CD introduces mental and somatic exercises that can help you to improve your "Inner Game" in a similar way.