Shamanic Journey MP3 Download

Shamanic Journey MP3 Download
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With Michael Dilts.
Downloadable MP3 Folder, Approximately 45 Minutes.

Shamanism is a set of ancient and modern practices for expansion of consciousness. It is an important component of the spirituality of indigenous cultures all over the world and makes use of techniques which are simple, powerful and effective, which is why they have survived for so long.

A Shamanic Journey uses sound (drumming, rattling, chanting, etc.) to trigger an alteration in awareness, which can result in inspiration and productive insights. It is a voyage through consciousness rather than through space and is similar to a waking dream. Journeying engages our innate abilities to dream, to create images and metaphors, to reach out with a hidden part of the mind. For this reason it is very compatible with what Robert Dilts calls "Next Generation NLP."

In this recording, Robert's brother Michael provides a brief introduction to the process, then helps you to prepare to leave "ordinary consciousness" behind for a while. Two drumming sequences are provided, a 20 minute sequence and a 12 minute sequence, for shorter journeying. Michael has been guiding students on Shamanic Journeys in evening workshops at NLP University for the past 7 years.