Holding Difficult Feelings Audio CD

Holding Difficult Feelings Audio CD
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With Robert Dilts and Deborah Bacon Dilts
Audio CD, Approximately 40 Minutes.

A key aspect of managing personal states is the ability to acknowledge and transform difficult feelings that can bring contraction or disconnection.

Family therapist Virginia Satir used to frequently ask her clients two questions. The first was, “How do you feel?” A client might respond to this question by answering that he or she felt angry, sad, afraid, guilty, or some other type of difficult feeling. Then Virginia would ask a second question: “How do you feel about feeling that way?”

The answer to this second question is quite significant and determines a lot about the impact and meaning the answer to the first question will have. It is quite a difference if someone feels good or curious about feeling angry as opposed to feeling guilty or frustrated about feeling angry. It is these second feelings that determine the ease and quality with which we are able to stay present and hold the first set of feelings.

The purpose of this CD is to introduce an exercise which will help you discover and apply the resources you need to stay present and hold difficult feelings that may arise and take you out of the present.