Conscious Leadership
               & Resilience

Robert Dilts

Orchestrating Innovation and Fitness for the Future
with Robert Dilts

AUGUST 5-18, 2017

Santa Cruz CA and Silicon Valley CA

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Are you fit for the future? The world is changing. How prepared are you to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead? How would you like the advantage of being able to use the key skills and strategies that today's most visionary and successful leaders are using?

During this unique 10-day learning program you will have the chance to explore how to accelerate innovation and enhance your fitness for the future. In this powerful culmination of Robert Dilts' application of Success Factor Modeling™* to exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs, you will learn how to empower, coach, share and stretch yourself and others in order to create a profitable and sustainable venture.

The program will be enriched by Mastermind groups, interviews and panel discussions with leaders from Silicon Valley as well as Mindfulness sessions. This will be the first and only time this experiential 10-day certification program will be given in 2017. It is an exclusive opportunity to develop the key skills needed to be a more confident and conscious leader and to share those skills with other leaders.


One of the most important success factors for entrepreneurs and their ventures is their capacity for resilience. Resilience is the ability of individuals, teams and organizations to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions and to maintain a sense of equilibrium with respect to both success and adversity.

When people are challenged, they can sometimes rise to the occasion. But if the challenge seems too great, they may "crash and burn." This is where the skills of conscious leadership are an essential resource.


Leadership is about ensuring that people (including yourself) are prepared to be their best, meet challenges, overcome obstacles and reach critical goals.

Dealing with Change

It is said that things are always changing, but not always progressing. During a time of adversity, many challenges will present themselves such as meeting the fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar, dealing with loss, and a general sense of vulnerability. These can plunge us into unhelpful survival strategies - attack, escape or rigidity (fight, flight, freeze) - and may result in some form of regression, inertia, ambivalence, confusion or conflict.

In order to progress through change, it is important to cultivate qualities such as flexibility and stability, balance, connection and the ability to "let go." It is easy to stay balanced when life moves smoothly, but in order to maintain equilibrium during turbulent times, one must have developed these qualities until they are "in the muscle." Preparing for change requires practice.

3 Key Dynamics

Crisis, transition and transformation are three key dynamics entrepreneurs and business leaders need to learn to address during times of upheaval and adversity. In this program you will learn roadmaps and practices and develop resources and tools designed to help manage various stages of adversity and profound change effectively.

Qualities of a Conscious Leader

Conscious leadership involves building your venture from a state of centered presence, accessing multiple intelligences and living your highest values in service to a larger purpose to the benefit of all stakeholders. Thus, conscious leadership involves being:

  • Authentic
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Purposive
  • Responsible
  • Contents

    This 10-day certification program will cover multiple competences which support the development of conscious leadership including:

  • Applying the SFM™* Leadership Model
  • Managing energy in yourself and your team
  • Establishing a winning belief system to create your desired future
  • Understanding and dealing with the dynamics of crisis, transition and transformation
  • Exercising mindful self-leadership
  • Cultivating key leadership qualities such as flexibility and stability and balance
  • Formulating and communicating a clear and meaningful vision for the future
  • Focusing on higher purpose
  • Influencing through inspiration
  • Balancing self-interest and the common good, in oneself and others
  • Respecting and integrating multiple perspectives
  • Emotional intelligence and the Inner Game
  • Creating a learning culture
  • Effective Persuasion
  • Values Bridging

    AUGUST 7-16, 2017

    There will by a dynamic mix of lectures, small group reflection and exercises to ensure the best possible learning environment. In addition, during the program, you will participate in a Mastermind group to help you integrate the learnings even further. Each Mastermind group will be facilitated by a key member of the Dilts Strategy Group.

    While the Conscious Leadership and Resilience program is the third part in the Success Factor Modeling series, the SFM programs have been designed as "stand alone" programs and do not require that you have any previous background in SFM. They are not sequentially dependent on one another and each can be taken independently from the others.

    If you are interested in getting some background on SFM before the Conscious Leadership program, however, there is a Pre-Training offered on August 5-7. Its purpose is to ensure that you will get the best use of the material presented during the Conscious Leadership course.


    SFM Silicon Valley Learning Journey

    AUGUST 17-18

    Experience conscious leadership and innovation in action with an additional two-day SFM Silicon Valley Learning Journey after the classroom training. See and hear the principles of Success Factor Modeling as they apply to the real-life companies from which they were modeled. Discover the trends, technologies, leaders and companies who are creating the future today. During the Learning Journey, we will visit companies, listen to lectures and interviews and participate in other activities.


    Introduction to Success Factor Modeling

    AUGUST 5-7

    Never been to one of our programs before? Want to be sure you get the most from your investment in the 10-day SFM Conscious Leadership training developed by Robert Dilts? This pre-conference program will bring you up to speed on the most essential principles and skills of Success Factor Modeling covered in Next Generation Entrepreneurs (SFM1) and Generative Collaboration (SFM2). It is a unique opportunity to ensure your smooth integration into the existing community and to enrich your experience of the Conscious Leadership (SFM3) program.


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